New Adventure #2 – Rodan and Fields Independent Consultant


The amazing women behind the popular Proactiv(R) Solution have done it again. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields once again have taken the dermatology world by storm with their award winning, innovative, and proven anti-aging and all around skin care products!!!  The best part is you get to use them in the comfort of your own home!

It was a couple months after I had the boys when I took a look in the mirror and saw someone I swear had aged 5 years in a very short span of just having kids. That and spending LOTS of time in the sun :-).  My skin was dull and I had wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes for the first time in my life! I knew I had to do something. So I reached out to a friend (her husband graduated optometry school with me) who also has twins who was selling Rodan and Fields. I had to ask…”will that eye cream work on these tired looking twin mommy eyes?”  She answered with a resounding YES!

I’ve always been a soap and water kind of girl, but after using the REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream and seeing my own results I was sold.


I also got really excited because I finally had an answer for all the times when I am asked professionally “what can I do about the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes?”.  Something so easy and easily accessible. I can now not only help my friends and family achieve healthy and younger looking skin, but also help my patients learn how to as well.  WIN WIN.

So what can Rodan & Fields do for you?  What can I do for you as an Independent Consultant? Are you ready to change your skin and change your life?

Click HERE to learn more about Rodan and Fields and their amazing products. Or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  You will be hearing much more soon!!!

New Adventures for 2015 – #1 Eleonore Rocks

Wow life really does slip you by when you have kids and then double that with twins!!!  I’ve said it before but there are many days where I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water.  My language capacity and organization skills are being challenged in the fact I can’t remember a durn thing these days.  None the less I have some exciting things going on this year.


I love love love my comfort zone! I thrive on being steady and tactical with a plan. So any time I go outside of my comfort zone means I must feel passionate about things.  So for my first crazy endeavor I have decided that I must get back into triathlon (slowly), but I wanted to do so for a reason. Well my main reason are these two!!!


Look how big they have gotten :-). But my second reason is also these two.  I decided to join a new triathlon team that is out there raising money for a cause near and dear to my heart. Eleonore Rocks!!

Eleonore Rocks Foundation is on a mission to change the lives of the families of sick children one rocking chair at a time.  I love it!!!  After spending 12 days in the NICU at Huntsville Hospital I know the value of comfy chairs.  Our measly 12 days doesn’t even compare to those that spend MONTHS in the NICU or in the PICU for that matter.  Some times all you want to do is to hold and rock and love on your child.  Eleonore Rocks Foundation is doing this.  Please read more to their story here!!!

11070610_10152918588353429_801643977577912298_n (1)

So I am on a mission to raise at least $1,000 for the Foundation this year.  My goal is to do more of course around $3k would be amazing :-). BUT I am trying to raise enough to get a few of these amazing looking rocking chairs in the NICU and PICU in Huntsville Hospital.  While the couple of rocking chairs were available they weren’t the most comfortable to be able to love on and hold our babies.


Please if you feel so inclined you can donate HERE or the picture above!!!

Part 2 coming… can anyone say healthy younger looking skin??!!! Don’t we all want healthy younger looking skin?  I can and I do and I’ll tell you more soon.

Wait, What? Christmas is next week?

So let’s be real here. Being a new Mom of infant twins is a lot of work. I am blessed that I get a ton of help from John, but point blank we are exhausted. My free time when the boys are asleep on the weekends or at night is spent decompressing, washing bottles, doing laundry, or getting things prepared for the next go around. Am I wrong if I just want to ‘sit’ there and watch tv or get on FB vs putting away my own clothes? I try to be efficient and use my time well, but mamma sometimes just needs a break.

That being said Christmas decorations have been more of a “me” project. I usually end up doing the bulk of the work, which is fine. I love Christmas just as much as the next person, but frankly I just didn’t have the energy to move a couch, get a tree, decorate the tree…ect. Heck I haven’t even done Christmas cards. So if you are expecting one from me I have high hopes in getting them ordered soon, but you may not get them until after Christmas. But no I don’t have a tree or any “extra” decorations around. I plan on getting a table top tree this year to put the boys first Christmas ornaments on. Yes I feel guilty of not going all out, but hey anyone is welcome to come put it up and take it down :-). I am just exhausted thinking about it.

Next year next year it is going on the calendar to remind me to start decorating and order cards and address cards… But for this year it is what it is!!!

Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

boys santa

Boys, Dopey, Motherhood, and more!!!!

So I know it has been a while since I have updated my blog. Well it’s been quite a while actually. It’s amazing how fast time goes when you are trying to keep your head above water with the new “normal”. Life adjusting back to being full time at work with the boys and training has been challenging. I’d like to say it has been fabulous and a piece of cake, but it hasn’t and that is reality!!!

boys bibs

The turn 6 mo this week and I can’t believe how big they have gotten. It’s fun to see and compare to the photos from the NICU a half a year ago. They both have such different personalities it makes me laugh. I have one very active baby (like myself) and one that is completely laid back (like my husband). Because of their positioning in the womb they each have their skills they are good at. Will loves tummy time and can roll from front to back easily. Bobby on the other hand can contort himself to get from his back to his tummy. We have been working very hard to expand their range of motion by giving them lots of play time on the ground and tummy time. They each have a mild torticolis because of be squished in utero so that has led to some mild plagiocephaly. The dreaded flat head. I’m hoping over the next month or two it will con’t to improve as it has and as, fingers crossed, they learn to sit up. Because they were 6 weeks early their 6 month skills will be coming a little later than most I believe, but so far not too far behind.


Since they are mostly sleeping through the night since 3 mo old I have taken advantage of that and used some early morning to get into a running routine. Starting back running after 10 weeks of bed rest and zero running for almost 10 mo has been interesting. I registered for the Dopey Challenge while on bed rest to give myself a goal. Boy was a crazy. I never realized how much my body would change from carrying two little ones in my belly. from my hips to my pelvis. OUCH! Things just don’t work the same. I decided to start back by training in the run/walk Galloway method. I figured this would ease me back into running with less risk of injury. That along with a strength training routine to help gain the muscle that I had lost.

So far it has been good. I am a little behind on my mileage, but all in all I have felt good on my runs. Finding the time has been easier on the weekends as the boys have gotten older and easier to care for by yourself. My husband has helped out plenty by watching them for the first feed while I’m out running early on Saturday or Sunday. My week day runs are all done in the morning before the boys wake up. It makes for a much more tired mamma. I really could not have done it with out my crazy friends that like to run early, for this I am grateful. Disney is less than a month a way and I feel that at least I won’t have a complete come apart on the marathon so that’s good. I’m looking forward to a vacation too (even though I won’t get to sleep in, HA!!!)

Well besides that my job is going well and I have been back full time since first of September. I wanted to wait till the boys were 10 weeks before putting them in childcare because of their adjusted age. It has worked out really well. If I can only streamline the getting ready, feeding, out the door process more. We almost have it but I am still late to work every day. Maybe it is the extra couple of kisses I steal from the boys before I leave the center.

I will certainly try to update more especially after my Dopey experience. But seeing that my free time is spent cleaning, playing with the boys, or just plain ol resting it may be a bit ;-).

We Thought We Were Prepared!

Throughout the last months of pregnancy and bed rest we had mentally prepared, or so we thought, that these two babies were going to show up early. As each week rolled on I got more confident that perhaps I could go further than we originally thought.  But at my 33 week visit we had to step up our mental preparation as I was dilated between 3 and 4 cm.  This plus my history of contractions my doctor said that once we hit 34 weeks anything can happen, but we didn’t want an emergency situation. Seeing I had footling breech twins that plus water breaking is something the doctor was trying to avoid.

2 days before delivery (33.5 weeks gestation with twins)

2 days before delivery (33.5 weeks gestation with twins)


Monday morning (33.5 weeks) I went to the hospital to get my next round of steroid shots and a non stress test to measure contractions, all standard procedure.  I was confident I would be in and out and be back the next day for my second and see the doctor Wednesday.  But my body had other thoughts. I was contracting every 2 min. This may seem close but I had been having small contractions remember for quite some time.  So the on call doc decided to start me on Magnesium Sulfate to calm the contractions to guarantee I made it through my two rounds of shots and get to 34 weeks on Wednesday.

My fate was sealed. Wednesday, June 18, would be the day my boys I had worked so hard to keep in my body would be joining the world.  All of a sudden I didn’t feel prepared.  I was scared! Going from the known to the unknown is frightening. All I could do was cry and pray or attempt to put on a strong face. But no doubt about it I was scared.

I’ll avoid the details of my c-section, but I can say it wasn’t as bad as I had heard. My husband John was a champ and never stopped holding my hand or talking to me the whole time.  Well until the babies came out and he left with them to go to the NICU.

Ah yes the NICU.  Again I thought I was prepared.  I have friends who had babies stay in the NICU so I leaned on them heavily to try to prepare myself.  We even made a special trip to the NICU and tour with a friend who works there so it would be a shock to the system when we got there.  But seriously nothing prepares you to see your little one being monitored with wires and IVs. I am very medically minded so I was slightly able to put out of mind the chords and even Bobby’s CPAP machine. Nothing prepares you to not hold your baby or be able to fix issues that crop up.

SIDE NOTE: NICU life is much different than anything else.  The babies there look like full term but are not.  It is hard to remember these babies are suppose to still be chilling in amniotic fluid having life being provided my mom!  So times you can interact with them goes from nill to some during care times. The reason: stimulation, like being held, burns precious calories and prevents them from entering into REM sleep. REM sleep is when growth hormones are released and they grow more efficiently and quicker.

First Family Photo

First Family Photo

Welcome to the world WILL!!!  4lb 10 oz and 18 inches long

Will Day 1

Will was like a champ right out of the gate.  With in 2 days was taking food and they gradually over the following two days got him off his IV and moved him to the progressive side of the NICU (there is an intensive care side and a progressive side). Well the upped his volume of food a smidge too quick and his poor belly just couldn’t handle it.  Starting this past weekend every bottle he took he would end up spitting it up hours later. This is not normal like spit up during or right after feeding time. He of course has lost weight due to this and most babies tend to do this.  But we are week out and I had hoped he would have turned the weight loss corner.  Anyways, after spitting up hours after his feed for about 2 days he was put on feeds strictly through a feeding tube.  These set backs are to be expected but despite knowing this nothing prepares you for this.  So Monday evening it was suggested that we let Will rest and not hold him.  John and I both agreed this was for the best.  So here we are 4 days later and I think I will finally be able to hold my baby again.


The hardest thing has been knowing the only thing you can do to make it better is to do nothing. When all you want to do is hold him and make it better.

We hope to see a turn around as we get closer to 36 weeks gestation this coming Wednesday.


Welcome BOBBY!!  4 lb 13 oz and 17 inches long

Bobby Day 1

Bobby was a blue baby but I did get to hear him cry and they swept him away to the NICU with his brother and he was placed on a CPAP.  Just like your dad or relative may use for sleep apnea yup baby CPAPs due the same thing.  We weren’t able to hold Bobby till he got off his CPAP 3-4days later. They have to wain the strength of the CPAP and then the oxygen level as well.  But it was amazing to see how quickly his respiratory rate was so high and then over 2 days he looked so much more calm with his breathing.  And once he showed he could maintain his resp rate and blood oxygen levels he joined his brother about a day and a half later on the progressive side.  Once on that side Bobby has really taken off.  His feeds have increased and we are enjoying holding and even for me trying my hand at breastfeeding.

First time to hold Bobby

First time to hold Bobby

I’ve been blessed that they came when they did because I know too many people that have had to struggle longer with their babes coming much earlier into this world. Despite the heartache that comes when you have to leave your babies and try to go back to “normal” while you are away, there are some upsides I’ve tried to find while we are in there.  John and I have become pros at changing diapers through arm holes of the isolette. When we get to a changing table it will be a breeze.  I have been able to recover at home without having two babies to tend to. We can actually get the nursery ready for when they come home. And I’d rather them be in the NICU and have these hiccups in their growth than at home. They are in really good care. But I would trade any of those things to have babies I could have taken home at full term.  But these are the cards we were dealt and we are doing our best to keep plugging on.

We take each day as a new day for progress and improvement.  Take a positive approach makes it so much easier.  We have two boys who need us at the top of our game.

We love you more than the world itself Bobby and Will.  And we can’t wait to take you home when the time is right.

Happy 1 week old!!!

Happy 1 week old!!!



Bed Rest: It’s no walk in the park

You want a good test of your mental endurance?  Be put on bed rest!  Wow! There has been no athletic feet that has compared mentally to the ups and downs and the ins and outs of bed rest. Most people think its a great time to relax and just lay around. “That would be so nice to not work and just do nothing”. It’s not bad, but it ain’t a day off at the spa either.

Think about it. Being confined to your house, maybe two rooms (for me I’ve recently limited myself to my bedroom/bathroom), you can get up to use the restroom or shower every other day, and if you are lucky you an get yourself a snack occasionally from the kitchen, but even that is a luxury.  On top of that you can’t pick anything up, can’t fix yourself any meals (if you can help it), no house work either! The only time you can get out of the house is to go to your doctor’s appointments or the hospital.  *NOTE: there are so many variations to bed rest from kick your feet up to hospital bed rest that involves constant monitoring, catheters, ect.

Still sound like the coolest thing ever? I highly doubt it. There are tons of reasons people get put on bed rest. None of which is the Mom’s fault. This isn’t a choice. Well I guess if you didn’t want to give the baby a fighting chance you can consider it a choice. Most moms to be that are on bed rest are doing their possible best with in their own means to keep those babies put pushing back the impending pre-term labor that usually lurks over them.

When I got the orders for bed rest I went through a range of emotions. I was scared, like really scared, overwhelmed, and sad. Now that I am over 4 weeks into bed rest it has gotten easier but I still get scared a bit, but also I feel lonely and isolated.

Yes you can be surrounded by friends or family and still feel lonely. However, I have had the best support group with friends and family that come and visit and bring me dinners.  My sweet Mom calls and checks on me if not visits every day. She and my Dad, with the help of John, have gotten all the furniture in the babies’ room and got the clothes organized. I’m sure she will be helping me get the rest of the nursery ready once I receive more things. John has been more than helpful when he is here,. The one thing that I’m finally getting use to is asking for HELP. It is very hard to do if you are so use to being on the go and doing things on your own.  Despite what you think you can’t do it all on your own especially if you are on so many restrictions.

As for me I have just under 6 weeks left of bed rest at least.  Come this Wednesday it will be 5 weeks. Things I’ve found that have made my weeks go by faster and the hours tick away: blocking out my day with things to do (I mentally check them off as the hours pass), I’ve learned how to nap (I never could nap but if makes the time fly by and helps me relax), looking forward for friends to come over and bring dinner (yes I love my husband but it’s nice to see a variety of folks though out the week), and make goals (this is how I break up a long car ride as well as a long bike ride or run).

As for lessons learned: I am NOT responsible for me being on bed rest (I didn’t will myself into bed rest, nothing I did made me end up on bed rest ect). It may seem hard now, but ALL the sacrifices you make will be worth it in the end. I am not in charge of the outcome. Worrying does me no good. I have done everything in my power to get these babies further along. God is in charge, not me.  PRAYER WORKS! HAVE FAITH!!!!!!


The last 6 Months: Where have they gone!!

Wow! There has been so much that has gone on in the past 6 months. It’s enough to say that the past 6 months has been filled with some pretty big ups and downs. Most of which I just couldn’t muster up the energy to write about, until now.

So 6 Months ago 2 major events happened. My sweet Golden Retriever Maggie got sick. Within a week she started to have seizures and soon found out it was because her blood sugar was dangerously low. She went from bad to worse and a x-ray showed us there was a mass in her abdomen. The day of her exploratory surgery I went out to give her a final hug and kiss cause I knew things didn’t look good.  And I was right. From the get go during the surgery it was obvious her issue was in fact liver cancer that has destroyed her pancreas and part of her intestines.  One promise I ever made myself when I became a pet owner is that I would not let them suffer on behalf of my selfishness to keep them around. So it was decided it was even more humane to let Maggie go while she was under anesthesia. It was a really hard day when I hate to let her go, but I could not watch her suffer any more.

4 days before I had to put Maggie down John and I found out something we waited for a while to get: a positive pregnancy test.  I was expecting at the end of July. So you can see that it was one wild week! Emotional to say the least.  It was hard to celebrate when I was missing my sweet furry baby girl.


3 months later my heart broke again when my sweet lovable fat Willis the cat passed unexpectedly. He was acting funny and drooling and going through water like crazy. I laid on the floor with him for an hour or so the love on him.  I never expect that to be my last time to love on him. For this I am grateful for.  I took him to the vet the next day and I assumed he just had diabetes and the process would be easy and he’d come home. Little did I know that he would pass that night at the vets. One of the worst feelings is thinking he died alone. I miss him so much. He would have been great for the kids.

Ok so for the even bigger events going on is that at my 6 week visit we got a super surprise during the ultrasound!


6 weeks TWINS

2 different sacs–> 2 babies!!  We were going to have TWINS. It certainly was  a shock for John and myself but also for our family.  We didn’t tell people it was twins for quite a while due to all the risks involved. But I’d have to say we were beyond thrilled to find out there was 2 in there.  The hardest part is to not think about all the things that could go wrong.  But with each visit they got bigger and so am I.  Here are the ultrasounds through 17 weeks (they are too big now to get the whole body in the picture, but I may update that later on.

8 weeks TWINS

8 weeks TWINS

11 weeks TWINS

11 weeks TWINS

13 weeks

13 weeks

17 weeks Fraternal Twin Boys

17 weeks Fraternal Twin Boys!!  

So yup I’m busy growing babies vs running or biking or swimming. I’m currently 27 weeks and have a while to go. Remember those risks I talked about. I didn’t escape them at all.  My cervix is shortening week by week and we are trying to hold it off with medicines and bed rest. It’s slowed it down, but not stalled out like I had hoped.  I’ll go into bed rest in another blog. Because it’s not as much fun as you would think it would be.

So there you go a short version of 6 months of me:-).

Rev3 South Carolina-Trip Report

South Carolina, oh beautiful South Carolina, how I miss the so.  *Sigh*.  I love South Carolina.  My beautiful Alma Mater is nestled in the mountains in Greenville.  Furman University :-).


How can you not fall in love with a campus that has this as it’s center!!!  AMAZING!!!

So when I have a chance to visit the state and near Greenville I will go.  I was giddy when Rev3 announced years ago they were hosting a race in the Anderson area.  So I gathered myself and headed to SC again this year to support Rev3 and cheer people on!!! Due to my lack of training I decided racing wasn’t the smart thing to do.  And when you get to Anderson you are greeted like this:


Seriously beautiful…you forget your racing or spectating!!!

I got there Friday just in time to check into the hotel and meet some fellow teammates at Mellow Mushroom in downtown Anderson.  It was great to have some down time with them. Before we knew it it was time to hit the hay and get some shut eye for tomorrow’s warm-up/check-in/fun day.


Saturday morning rolled around and me and my roommates, Chloe and Heidi, threw our bikes on the back of my car and we scurried to the swim practice.  After cheering for the ugliest wetsuit contest we decided to swim a little.


The water felt perfect. I was kind of jealous that they were all racing and I wasn’t but I knew I would cause more problems than solve my mental desire to race again.

I love that all us athletes have very similar day before a race routine because those teammates that were hanging around all changed and got ready for a little bike ride.


Besides cheering this was one of my favorite times.  If only we all lived near each other.  I couldn’t help but smile the whole time!!!!  We rode for only an hour but it was wonderful. Thanks to Ryan, Chloe, Anthony, Heidi, and Joshua!!!  I heart you all.


After hanging out with more awesome teammates and checking in at the expo Heidi, Chloe, and I grabbed some lunch, checked their bikes in and headed to relax and watch some Kona action on our little iPads :-). We also had to rest up for the Rev3Glow Run that was happening that night.  WOOT WOOT.

Love me some green screen

Love me some green screen

So fabulous Chipolte for lunch then taco chicken meat/mexican for team dinner = interesting glow run 5k.  Besides the not so happy tummy and the constant belching I had a pretty nice jog with teammate and weekend roommate Summer.


Summer was a trouper and DROVE 18, or some ridiculous hours, to get to the race.  Mostly the half was a National USAT Qualifier.  Qualify here go to China.

We resigned ourselves back to the hotel room so those racing could get their stuff together for the next day’s race.  I had to organize my cheer gear so I could try to be everywhere and take photos.  This proved harder than I thought because half the team was racing the Olympic and the other half was racing the 70.3.  I was able to get most but not all.  For that I feel bad :-(.


Anyways, talking about feeling slow being surrounded by amazing athletes will make you feel like that.  The cool thing is most of those are very humble.  But I’ll toot their horn.  Chloe killed it on the olympic and earned a pukie award as well as 2nd in her age group. Summer finished first overall half Aquabike and earned her spot onto the National Team…look for her to get faster and stronger through the years!!! Heidi killed her half aquabike as well but is saved her legs as she was suffering  a calf strain. But this girl finished 10th overall on IMFL last year! The boys are just amazing and I can’t keep up with all of their accomplishments.

IF you have an opportunity to race Rev3Anderson put it on your list.  You don’t want to miss this amazing race series and race course.  Beautiful smooth lake for a swim, gorgeous scenery for a rolling hills bike ride, and a great run course.  You don’t want to miss this race.  Come and enjoy!!!

I am so proud of all my teammates! I loved watching each one of you race and give it your all.  Stay amazing Team Rev3.


Rev3 Cedar Point Trip Report

Well it’s been 4 weeks since participating in one of my favorite Rev3 races.  Well they all have a special place in my heart, but Cedar Point is especially special. There are not many places I will drive 10.5 hours to race, but I will for Rev3 Cedar Point.  In 2010 this is where I fell in love with Rev3 (pre team)!!!  Nothing can replace that feeling of feeling at “home”. In 2011 I completed my first full 140.6 triathlon as a member of Team Trakkers (now Team Rev3).

So when my friends were interested in going up to race I said HELL YA! Plus being injured and other personal things have put a serious damper in my training for racing so decided for the aquabike option of the half.  My three other Huntsville friends were all participating in the normal Half, one of which it was his first 70.3, so I was excited to cheer them on. Plus I was making it my goal to stay till the last finisher.

Yeah My “race” report will be short and sweet but this is more of Rev3CedarPoint Trip Report :-). Saturday we did the normal things you do the day before a race.  Sleep in, eat a good break fast, go for a bike ride, check in, hug your teammates and race event staff, go to practice swim and rest.  During the practice swim I knew my swim would be awful come race day but it was about having fun!!!  I guess that’s what I get for not going to swim but maybe 10 times since November of last year!!!  Doh!!!


Sunday morning we got word that the swim start had moved to the alternate location.  And thank goodness they had an alternate location because I’m not sure how you can shorten an aquabike more!!!  Plus that meant the people racing the full wouldn’t be cheated out of their race distance.  It was WINDY WINDY WINDY and the rip tide on the lake side made it too unsafe for the “normal” swim start.

I really liked this site because of being able to see the full racers come out of their swim and cheering them along.  The downside was it was a half mile from the transition area and there was one part going through the harbor that it bottle-necked pretty bad, but whatevs I got over it.  It started to get rough as we went around the island that protected the harbor and I knew my time was going to be way off.  36 min! yikes.  I haven’t swam that in like 2 years…OUCH.  Serious reconfirmation on race specific training and coaching in general.

My Bike i wanted to push push push.  I had been doing plenty of biking just not race specific!!!  So it was PAINFUL.  It also didn’t help that there were 12-14 mph winds with gusts up to like 25mph.  YUCK.  And in Ohio you feel ALL OF THAT WIND.  I wanted to stay zone 3 and off I went in zone 3. I actually hoovered around high zone 3 low 4 most of the time.  I think I avg 21mph for the 56 miles which is funny because I avg just under that for my full last year!!  Again props to specific and good training, which I hadn’t done this year at all!!! Oops :-).

But the course is flat with some avg rollers for us here in AL.  The chip seal is a little rough on the hind end!!!  The last 10miles were the worst because of the cross wind from Lake Erie and these huge gusts that would throw you all over the road.  I didn’t take my hands off the aero bars the whole time into transition.

Best thing about aquabike…1. got off the bike and I was done :-) 2. I got to cheer my friends out of transition and onto the run. Best thing for me about this transition is the serious shout out by my favorite Jam Man Announcer Sean English!! Seriously made my day Sean!!!



I met Rick about a .25mile from the finish to run with him a little bit since this was his first half I wanted him to have a strong finish.  He killed it by the way for his first 70.3!!!  It was awesome to see and capture the moment.

Go Rick!!!

Go Rick!!!

I was chit chatting away with a teammate when I see Sarah coming down the long finishers shoot and I was able to race over to the finish to capture a few shots of her and Rick finishing together.  I love how Rev3 lets family members finish with you.  I really makes it because these are the people who are with you day in and day out during training!!!

Yay Sarah!!!

Yay Sarah!!!

I have been spending my down time from racing keeping my friend Angel company on her bike rides and I hope pushing her during her workouts.  I was so hoping for a sub-6 70.3 for her and she was so close.  If we didn’t have a half mile run to transition it was so hers.  She only missed it by 5 min!!!  So proud of her anyways because she PR’d her have by 30min!!!!! WOWZERS consistency pays off!!!

Coolest picture of the day!!! Way to go Angel!!!

Coolest picture of the day!!! Way to go Angel!!!

Well after clean up and dinner Angel and I wondered back to the finish line to have a party Rev3 style and cheer in the final finisher of the full!!! Here are a few pics from that night.

Loves me some Kelly!!!

Loves me some Kelly!!!

Kate, Laura, Tonia, and Kelly partying till the wee hours.  Laura finished first female overall in the full!!  Amazing!

Kate, Laura, Tonia, and Kelly partying till the wee hours. Laura finished first female overall in the full!! Amazing!

I can’t say enough how much my Rev3 family means to me.  Thank you all for being amazing!!

That's a wrap!!!  Rev3 team Rocks!!

That’s a wrap!!! Rev3 team Rocks!!






Wordless Wednesday with Throwback Thursday