This morning’s run was brought to you by…

A big ol’ bunch of suck. Blech :-(.  Let me give you a little background first.

Some of you may know this but I signed up for a 50 miler March 9th in Kentucky. Land Between the Lakes to be exact.  I don’t particularly like to run fast but I like to run long. So why not sign up with friends and give it a try. That being said of course my running mileage has been bumped up quite a bit and so has my anxiety levels.

This weekend was prime example of the time crunches and obstacles I face when training. Some are easy to get around some not so much.  My husband and I had signed up to help lead small groups during our church’s Middle School Discovery Weekend. So this meant Friday night, all day Saturday, and half a day Sunday spent at the church helping out.  Don’t get me wrong We had a blast and was a truly moving and spiritual weekend for all involved.  I love getting to see these kids grow and fall in love with God again and again.

Any ways I digress. I had a 2 hr run on Saturday and then 2:30 min run Sunday. I knew I had to split my Saturday run up between morning and lunch and this worked out beautifully. Then Sunday was a fairly early day for us to get to the church so I didn’t really have time for my run before. My plans were after Church to head to the mountain for my run. Well my running partner wasn’t feel good and then a big storm came through and I didn’t want to be out there where something could happen by myself. (I’m a safety first kind of person). So my anxiety went through the roof.  But after  quick call to Coach Anne I planned on splitting my run Today.

In theory it sounded great. In reality this morning’s run SUCKED. My run sucked, my energy sucked, my hamstring sucked, my attitude sucked. All around it was bad run. I sucked up most of my run, but in times like these when I’m just over it I go and pick up the best running partners money could by. My two sweet dogs that were itching to get out. It’s amazing how much dogs can lift your mood and make any crappy run into a better run.  Does this ever happen to you?

So thanks Maggie and Bogey for making me do my extra 2 miles this morning that otherwise I wouldn’t have :-) You always make me smile.

MaggieXmas bogeymustache maggiebogey

2 responses to “This morning’s run was brought to you by…

  1. Our doggies are the best running partners because to them… running never sucks! :) Way to get it done… and continue to get it done! (I didn’t know about the 50 miler btw… super exciting, although I still think people like you who run those kinds of distances need your heads checked.) Muah… nothing but love.

  2. Ah! Stella ALWAYS puts me in a good mood – I don’t know what I could do without her :) Keep it up – and things will fall into place. Not all workouts can be awesome – if they were, everyone would be doing this crazy stuff!

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